Indian scam sees people getting injected with saline water instead of COVID vaccine

Authorities claim that thousands of people have been victims of a well-planned and far-reaching scam selling fake coronavirus vaccines in India, including doctors and medical staff.  Senior police officer Vishal Thakur of the Mumbai Police Department said that at least 12 false vaccination campaigns have been organized in or near the financial center of Mumbai […]

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Sarah Shahi, Adam Demos and their romance!

The rumored romance of American actress Aahoo Jahansouzshahi, known professionally as Sarah Shahi, and Adam Demos, the Australian actor is now confirmed. The pair worked together for Netflix’s hit series, ‘Sex/Life,’ and fell in love off-screen as well. Sarah Shahi, 41, once stated, “It was great casting. I’ll put it that way.” The series revolves […]

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Research might identify genes related to aging

To better understand the role of bacteria in health and disease, researchers at the National Institutes of Health fed fruit flies with antibiotics and monitored hundreds of genes that scientists traditionally believed to control aging. Flies, but it also drastically changes the activity of many of these genes. Their results showed that only about 30% […]

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US antitrust proposal might signify huge changes for tech giants and the internet

On the off chance that US officials pass the proposed bundle of antitrust enactment, the prevailing enormous innovation organizations might be compelled to roll out significant improvements to their strategic policies. The Internet and America’s biggest and best organization. These five bills will be decided on by the panel on Wednesday, which may prepare for […]

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Scientist Discover the New Giant Prehistoric Rhino Species Found in China!!

Chinese paleontologists have unearthed a new species of enormous rhino, the world’s largest land mammal. According to a report published in the journal Communications Biology on Thursday, fossils discovered in northwest China’s Gansu region suggest a new species of enormous rhino that existed over 26 million years ago. A Chinese and American team led by […]


The “off-limits” list that Biden has procured for Russian cyberattacks might be seen as a go-ahead to attack what’s left

Biden apologized for criticizing the “MediaBuzz” reporter, and the host Howard Kurtz weighed the tension between the president and CNN reporters, saying that he had “no reason” to criticize reporters as a “routine” issue.  Security experts told reporters that the list of 16 key infrastructure entities in Russia’s cyber-attack “forbidden zone” has given the Russians […]