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Modified Wood Market revenue will expand at a solid CAGR of 9.6% by 2018-2026

Based on critical analysis of Persistence Market Research (PMR), the global modified wood market is slated for robust revenue growth during the course of next few years. Over the projection period 2018-2026, global modified wood market revenue will expand at a solid CAGR of 9.6%. Most of the demand for modified wood will be accounted by the […]

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Data Historian Market 2018 Size & Growth: Quality, Reliability, and User Demands Upto 2028

Data Historian Market: Introduction A data historian solution helps in recording the data that is acquired during a process and retrieves it by time. The data historian software can store data efficiently with low disk storage requirement and fast retrieval. The control systems used in industries are often the data historian software. Data historian software […]

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Training Management Software Market 2018 Share, Growth Rate, Sales Value And Industry Production Volume Till 2028

Training Management Software Market: Introduction Increasing demand for continuous training and development programs is fuelling the growth of the global training management software market. Training management software provide support to the entire training management system of an organization. Training management software track the complete training process, starting from deciding the budget of training to attendance […]

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Proactive Security Market 2018 Recent Developments, Major Regions, Top Players, Opportunities in Future

Proactive Security Market: Introduction Continuous advancements in analytics have enabled systems to constantly mine data for significant information and acquire knowledge about a system. This can be prevented from happening in future by using proactive security solutions against the anticipated threats. The demand for artificial security solutions (to provide protection against increasing physical, digital and […]

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Mobile Substation Market 2018 Product Type, Application/End Industries, Manufactures and Forecast Upto 2028

Mobile substation Market: Introduction Besides a constant power supply, the demand for a supplementary power supply is also being witnessed across various verticals, especially across various industries. The demand for these supplementary power supplies has witnessed a boom due to growing awareness about the adoption of renewable energy supplies. Thus, increasing adoption of mobile substations […]

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Connected Home Appliances Market 2018 Price By Revenue, Regional Outlook And Consumption By 2028 -End

Connected Home Appliances Market: Introduction As per the basic concept of connected devices, any home appliance that has the feature of Internet connectivity can be termed as a connected home appliance. The special features offered by connected home appliances these days include accessibility from any remote location using mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and […]

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Biometric Smart Cards Market 2018 Overview, Consumption, Supply, Demand & Insights Upto 2028

Biometric Smart Cards Market: Introduction Continuous demand for enhanced security and identification systems during payment processes or transactions, authorising access and to identify an individual has led to the increasing adoption of biometric technology. Besides biometric systems, other entry or access systems such as smart cards are also available in the market. Continuous innovations in […]

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Graphene Battery Market 2018 New Innovations, Research and Growth Factor till 2028

Global Graphene Battery Market: Introduction The graphene battery is structured in a similar way to that of conventional batteries, where ion transfer is facilitated with the help of an electrolyte solution and two electrodes. The major difference between the solid state batteries and the graphene battery is in the composition of both or any one […]

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Bulk Acoustic Wave Filter Market 2018 Leading Manufacturers Analysis and Global Demand Till 2028

BAW Filter Market: Introduction Increasing research spending in the field of BAW filters has brought new innovations and increased their application in the industrial sector. BAW filters are majorly used in high-end industrial applications, military and defense and other wireless consumer applications. With the increasing spending on the research and development of filters, there are […]

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Complaint Management Software Market 2018 Key Players, Share, Trends, Sales, Segmentation and Forecast to 2028

The growing adoption of automated workflow and increasing need for enhanced customer experience is driving global complaint management software market. Managing complaints are the favorable business procedure for maintaining excellent customer service. Complaint management software manages, respond and reports the complaint. Complaint management software simplifies the complaint handling process. Complaint management software centralizes the complaint […]