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Modified Wood Market revenue will expand at a solid CAGR of 9.6% by 2018-2026

Based on critical analysis of Persistence Market Research (PMR), the global modified wood market is slated for robust revenue growth during the course of next few years. Over the projection period 2018-2026, global modified wood market revenue will expand at a solid CAGR of 9.6%. Most of the demand for modified wood will be accounted by the […]


Bitumen Market Unit Sales to Witness Significant Growth in the Near Future

The global demand for bitumen is in line with rising construction projects of roads, buildings, and infrastructure assets. Bitumen is a complex combination of condensed polycyclic composites and metals, including vanadium, lead, and mercury, among others. Blended with organic amines and amides, bitumen delivers enhanced adhesion properties, while mixing bitumen with lime and fly ash […]


Research report explores the Lentils Market: industry analysis by 2029

Lentils, belonging to the legume family, are characterized by high protein and fiber content with low fats. As the preference for protein-affluent food items is increasing, especially among athletes, the demand for various protein ingredients is set to snowball. With the consumers’ consumption pattern shifting towards meat-free products, the lentil market easily fits into the […]


Demand for Percutaneous Screw Placement Systems Market from Key End-use Sectors to Surge in the Near Future

Pedicle screw system is system in which spinal stabilization is done with use of pedicle screws. Till last decade, pedicle screw system placement was done only through conventional surgery. However, Percutaneous Screw Placement System is one of the crucial alternative through minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS). Percutaneous Screw Placement Systems, with less morbidity, achieves the […]


Demand for Cell Free Dna Cfdna Testing Market Driven by Shifting Consumer Perceptions and Growing Awareness

Cell-Free DNA are fragments of DNA which circulate in the blood fluid and can be utilized as valuable biomarkers. It is a new technology in which small quantity of liquid sample (saliva, urine, or blood) from the patient is collected to examine the freely flowing DNA. Cell-Free DNA (cfDNA) is a noninvasive screening test used […]


Weight Loss Therapeutics Market Unit Sales to Witness Significant Growth in the Near Future

Obesity or overweight has a substantial increase in the last three decades and become a global problem nowadays. It is generally calculated from the body mass index. This is associated with the people of all ages, genders and incomes. Obesity causes several other diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases, osteoarthritis and chronic kidney […]