McGregor’s Reaction After Crazy Leg Injury Mid Fight

At UFC 264, the main match between Conor McGregor and Dustin Boyle ended shockingly. McGregor rolled to his ankle in the last few seconds of the first round. broken. , Was knocked to the ground after a failed submission attempt. “It’s not over yet,” McGregor said in an interview with Joe Logan after the game. ‘If I have to take this outside, it’s outside. I do not care. “Dana White said that McGregor will undergo surgery tomorrow and Sunday to treat her leg injury.

He said that the championship battle with current UFC lightweight champion Charles Oliveira is most likely to be Boyllir. But he believes that the fourth battle between McGregor and Boylell will happen at some point in the future when McGregor has recovered from the operation. McGregor’s long-term manager Audi Atar recently stated that McGregor’s Greg completed a successful operation within three hours to repair the fractures of the tibia and fibula. “Both doctors believe that he will fully recover in time,” he said in a statement. “We expect him to return.

The octagon. “McGregor himself posted a video message on social networks soon,” McGregor said. “With crutches for six weeks, we will rebuild!” Find our record of each battle below. here. The big one. For McGregor, the stakes in this fight seem very high, but it always is. Every battle. As I mentioned above, it is almost impossible to call it a fight. I chose McGregor because he seemed to have won the last fight until he didn’t. But honestly, it may be the same as the previous battle.

I have this butterfly. go with. Men in the first round, it was intense. McGregor looked magnified, as opposed to leisurely, this was the time when he tried his best. Let’s see how this works. McGregor kicked it out. The battle went on at a crazy speed. After McGregor tried to suffocate with the guillotine, Poirier somehow caught McGregor and took him to the ground. After a series of mud and fists, the battle was back to the beginning. After the exchange, McGregor rotated his ankle. And he seems to have broken his ankle? The doctor called him. The battle is over. Wow. What a strange ending. McGregor was very angry. Shouted “Doctor stop”.

Regardless of the result, McGregor completely lost the battle. In the end, it was called a medical strike. Later, Joe Rogan interviewed McGregor while taking care of McGregor’s legs. He claimed that it was “not over yet.” But in reality, it is difficult to know when McGregor will return, and if he will. Considering the extent to which McGregor bowed during the run-up, Poirier mentioned the karma at play here. This whole scene is really full of poisonous gas. This reminds me a lot of Khabib vs. McGregor fights. It left a bad taste in my mouth. Dustin Poirier wins due to the medical shutdown.

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