Details to Pre Order the New Nintendo Switch OLED

Nintendo Switch is a video game console developed by Nintendo and released in most parts of the world on March 3, 2017. The game console itself is a dockable tablet computer that can be used as a home game console or portable device. Make it a mixing console. Its wireless Joy-Con controller comes with standard buttons and directional analog joysticks for user input, motion detection, and tactile feedback, and can be connected to either side of the console to support handheld gaming. They can also be connected to handle accessories to provide game control in the form of traditional home consoles, or they can be used alone like Wii Remote and Nunchuk, supporting local multiplayer game modes.

Nintendo announced that the new Switch OLED model will arrive on October 8, priced at $350. Although it is only a few months away from now, pre-orders for Nintendo Switch OLED are not yet open, but they are available on GameStop and Best Buy, which indicates that pre-orders may open soon. You can now register for pre-order email notifications at Best Buy, which is wise if you plan to purchase this console; it will most likely be sold out. Nintendo Switch OLED is available for pre-order in two versions.

There is a black and white model with a white base and Joy-Con. Nintendo will also release a neon red and blue game with a black base, which reflects the original Switch outline. Nintendo Switch OLED and the long-awaited Nintendo Switch exclusive product Metroid Dread were released on the same day. Pre-order Nintendo Switch OLED (black and white) $350 The list of black and white Nintendo Switch OLED models can be purchased at GameStop and Best Buy.

However, it is not clear when the reservation can be made. See Best Buy See GameStop Pre-order Nintendo Switch OLED (red and blue) for $350. The neon red and blue models are also available on GameStop and Best Buy for $350. See Best Buy See GameStop Update Switch has several new features, among which the 7-inch OLED screen stands out.

In addition to improvements and a larger screen, the OLED switch also has 64GB of internal storage space, which is twice the space of the standard Switch and Switch Lite. It also has a wider and adjustable stand, as well as improved audio and a LAN port on the base. Although the above functions are improvements to the original functions, there is no performance update for the console. When docked, it will continue to run at 1080p resolution, which has the same visual fidelity as the standard Switch. It also has the same CPU and RAM, as well as battery life.

Although the console is a bit larger than the original overall, it will still work on the basis of the launch model. All existing Joy-Con controllers are also compatible with OLED models. Nintendo has launched a new official carrying case and screen protector combination for OLED switches. Although the current suitcase seems likely to fit the new Switch model, a suitcase with a very special form factor may not fit the OLED Switch completely. We also expect to release a series of new third-party Switch portable bags later this year.

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