Apple TV Could be the New Streaming Service for NFL

The bidding war that would include tech giants and major media giants is about to start with premium streaming content: NFL games. However, it is generally believed that DirecTV, which was spun off as an independent business by AT&T in February, will give up resupply services when the contract expires after the end of the 2022 season and has millions of subscribers. The subscription price for the entire season starts at approximately $300 (if you accept a program package, some promotions can provide you with free Sunday tickets). Those who can’t get DirecTV can buy a streaming package at the same price.

NFL Sunday tickets, including the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback and other stars game, Patrick Maho Patrick Mahomes may have a new home after the 2022 season, the big names are expected to appear on the Sunday Ticket? The Information on Friday, citing people familiar with the matter. Live sports broadcasts are not Apple’s focus. Apple has its own equipment.

Streaming media Apple TV, Apple TV. Apple TV + applications and platforms and streaming services, featuring original TV series including “Ted Lasso”. But the information pointed out that the company hired James DeLorenzo, the former sports director of Amazon Video, to manage its sports department last year. Apple did not respond to a request for comment. NBC News quoted the sources of these companies as reporting that they were also in the game. Amazon Prime Video began broadcasting Thursday night football matches in 2017, and the NFL announced in May that Amazon will be the exclusive home stadium for Thursday night football at the beginning of the 2022 season. Neither Amazon nor ESPN commented on the report.

However, when the Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Chapek was asked about sports rights on the company’s May earnings call, he expressed interest in NFL Sunday tickets. “This is something we are discussing, we are considering, we are considering,” he said. “Obviously, this is an attractive property, but we will only use it as our other right if it can add value to shareholders.” According to NBC News and The Information, this week in Sun Valley, Idaho NFL Sunday tickets were discussed at the Allen & Company meeting held. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodall and NFL Owners Group Media Committee Chairman and New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft attended the meeting. NBC News, Apple CEO Tim Cook, and Apple Senior Vice President Eddie Kuy said. It has been going on, and both media reported. However, the formal bidding process has not yet been announced and is likely to start next year, with traditional TV and digital media companies also participating.

For a long time, rumors have led the NFL to view broadcasting as a way to increase the audience for NFL Sunday tickets. According to reports, DirecTV pays $1.5 billion to the NFL each year for the right to give up Sunday ticketing for its own reasons. AT&T pointed out in its announcement on the spin-off of the TV service that the value of New DirecTV’s $16.25 billion includes debt and the elimination of the NFL Sunday Ticket funded by AT&T‘s net loss of up to $2.5 billion. In your inbox. 

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