Biden ‘failed’ in Russia meeting, says Retired Navy Seal Commander!

According to a human rights expert Garry Kasparov, Joe Biden has “failed” to stand up to Vladimir Putin. The Human Rights Foundation Chairman, resorted to Twitter to express his dissatisfaction with US President Joe Biden. Retired Navy SEAL David Sears stated on “Your World” Wednesday that the Russian fighter jets observed off the coast of Hawaii were President Vladimir Putin’s way of putting President Biden to the test, and Biden “failed.”

Sears made the remark in reaction to the news that the Russian Navy conducted military maneuvers around 300 to 500 miles west of Hawaii over the weekend, forcing the United States to dispatch three F-22 fighter jets to intercept long-range bombers. According to a CBS News story, Russian officers described the train as the largest in the Pacific since the Chilly Conflict, which occurred just days before the two leaders were supposed to meet in Geneva.

“Right before the meeting … is a test and President Biden failed,” Sears said.
Biden told that his meeting with Putin on Wednesday was a “good” and “positive” experience. He made “no threat” to Putin, but has warned Russia of the “consequences.” Though there was “a lot of hype” about the meeting, Biden claimed the meeting was “straightforward.”

Sears responded to critics who said Biden was being lenient to placate Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying, “They will continue to press.” So, regardless of the administration, these evil actors will push all over the world as a new administration takes office. “Is how President Putin does things.”

According to Sears, Putin would most likely use Biden to try to “push in” South America, Venezuela, and Nicaragua. Ukraine and the Baltics. The Russians also perceive Nato as a threat to Russia’s national security, so they’re preparing themselves to ensure that they can counter that threat,” he said.

“They’re doing to keep trying to fracture any alliances in Europe and the U.S.  – and they’re succeeding so far.” Putin was putting Biden to the test, and he “failed” him, according to a retired Navy Seal Commander.

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