Teen who stabbed a 14-year-old girl from Florida will be tried as an adult and charged with 1st Degree murder

Authorities said a St. Johns County teenager accused of stabbing and killing a 13-year-old classmate will face first-degree murder and will face trial when he reaches adulthood. Larizza announced changes to the death penalty for 14-year-old Aiden Fucci’s Tristyn Bailey. “This is my job with the executive team to make these decisions.

Although we are sad, we are, of course, not satisfied. In it, this is our duty, and we focus on the facts. We have studied the law carefully, and I must tell you, Regarding his crime, there is no choice,” Lariza said. “The juvenile system is aimed at children who may have drug problems or commit non-violent crimes… the adult system is where this case belongs.” The St. John County Sheriff’s Office announced earlier this month that a medical examiner determined Bailey’s cause of death. It is “acute trauma caused by stab wounds,” Larizza confirmed at a press conference on Thursday that Fucci stabbed Bailey 114 times with a Buck folding knife, which is commonly used for hunting.

The Sheriff’s Office stated that Fucci admitted that “he had an argument with (Bailey) and he pushed her to the ground and hit her head.” However, Lariza said that he did not accept the stabbing. Fucci was initially arrested in connection with the death of a classmate and charged with second-degree murder.

According to reports, Bailey was missing by his family on the morning of Mother’s Day and became the subject of a statewide complaint. The child alert is missing. According to officials, a resident who searched for the girl that night found her body in the woods. “In the beginning, a few children got together to hang out, but it didn’t end in this way,” Lariza said.

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