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The new Google ‘Entertainment Space’ for Android tablets will categorize games, movies, and books in one tab

Google today announced the launch of a new feature on Android tablets to play with one of its biggest advantages: media consumption. This simple “entertainment space” will become a new area on the left side of the main screen of the Walmart tablet PC starting this month, and will be expanded to Lenovo, Sharp, and other devices globally later this month. anus. It’s an all-encompassing hub that integrates videos (TV shows, movies, and YouTube), games, and books into one. The entertainment space is something Google has been building for years, and it’s one of the biggest changes to the Android tablet experience in a long time.

Google’s James Bender wrote on his blog: “You can save time without having to jump between applications trying to figure out what to do, be it watch, play or watch.” “Once you log into the subscription app, and the entertainment space will show you your content in one place and tailor it for you. Also, if you want to share a tablet, all family members can have their own personalized profile “.

The display part basically looks like the Google TV experience on Chromecast, but it has been reduced in size and can be used on tablet screens. There is a big hero banner at the top, followed by a list of streaming apps installed on the device, and then you will get suggestions. These are actually from Google TV, so if you have a new Chromecast, lines like “Continue Watching” should stay in sync. You will then see a row of familiar trending content and custom options. Beating the game means turning your attention to any application in the video, but Google hopes that your suggestions can help you cut out the noise.

Go to the “Games” area, you will find the recommended game title and the “Continue playing” game line on your device. Google is also trying to do better, targeting “instant play” games, allowing you to go straight in without waiting for downloads. They are alone in the entertainment space.

Finally, there is the [Books] tab, through which you can quickly return to the content you are currently reading on Google Play Books. Audiobooks are here too, and Google provides a list of some popular books and highlights special offers.

You could say that “entertainment space” does not have a special revolutionary meaning. Google said that in the last year, “the number of people who started using Android tablets increased by more than 30% compared to last year.” Company research shows that people are increasingly looking for help discovering content.

But there have been some early complications. For one thing, Samsung is the best Android tablet maker on the market, but it has yet to join the entertainment space. In the coming months, the situation may change; Google and Samsung are working closely on the software. But for now, the number of OEM partners is still very small. Part of the reason is that the entertainment space is directly integrated into the launcher; it is not a standalone application that you install.

Another problem is that Netflix does not participate in the entertainment space. It will be displayed in the “Recently Used” application row, but the Netflix content will not be the recommended content in the “Viewing” section. Considering that Netflix has also pulled out of Google TV and generally doesn’t seem to want to add and mix their shows with other services, this isn’t surprising.

To participate in the entertainment space, companies can do it in two ways. They can complete the job of adding streaming apps to Google TV, or they can make minor changes by providing new code to the Android developer portal.

If you are not interested in the entertainment space, you can turn it off. The hardware OEM can decide whether the customer can completely disable this feature. Google controls all content recommendations, but since OEMs can preload apps on the device, this can affect which videos become important until you enter and customize the service.

Google believes that the entertainment space is similar in concept to the children’s space. Kids Space is a portal site that contains age characteristics and child-friendly content. But this is for the oldest in the family. It’s interesting to refocus Google’s tablet software, especially after the Pixel Slate crashed and burned so badly that it convinced the company to give up on making tablet hardware entirely. But it turns out that this device is essential for some people during this long period of working from home and distance education. With the “entertainment space”, Google hopes to facilitate leisure.


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