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Disney Strikes a New Deal With Sony to Get Spider-Man Movies on Disney+

Just a few weeks ago, Sony Pictures (Sony Pictures) and Netflix reached an agreement on the exclusive streaming rights for their dramatic streaming releases starting in 2022, as well as the catalog name and some new original works that they will co-produce. Now, Disney has also announced a licensing agreement with Sony Pictures to release dramatic films from 2022 to 2026, as well as some of its previous catalog names.

What’s going on? The Netflix agreement guarantees exclusive rights to movies in the US after their theatrical release and when the Blu-ray / videos are on demand (approximately 9 months after their theatrical release). After that, the deal with Disney began, in the window where the movie was usually shown on cable television or broadcast networks with commercials (as mentioned in “Deadline”, this deal was reached between Sony and the now-owned network Disney FX Similar Transactions).

In addition to new movies, the deal also secures streaming rights to old movies, including the MCUs on Disney + and even the missing Spider-Man movies in Spider-Man (after Netflix exclusivity expires). In addition to Disney + and the company’s various wired networks, it also covers Hulu and will begin adding “a lot of library titles” in the June press release notes.

There’s no word on how much to change hands, but Keith Le Goy, CEO of Sony Pictures, said in a statement: “This agreement strengthens our film distribution strategy. The key part of this is maximizing the value of each of our films. .and offering these products to consumers in all windows through a wide range of major partners. “

SPE Film Group President Tom Rothman (Tom Rothman) said in a memo to employees that the deal with Netflix and Sony “reflects the special and unique value of the culturally influenced films that we produce and sell. In modern times “There is no excellent Sony Pictures list available for free on the market, so the demand is also very strong.”

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