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You Can Now Schedule Stories on Facebook; New Ad and Business Discovery Options Added as Well

Good news for social media managers. Today, Facebook announced that it has added some new features to its Business Suite management platform, including story scheduling for Facebook and Instagram, and a new business discovery process in the News Feed.

We will launch new choices from the big – Facebook in Business Suite, which is the latest business management platform that allows users to write and arrange Facebook and IG stories in planning elements.

You can view this here, the new option will enable you to write a story in your application and then arrange them on Facebook and Instagram. Your predetermined post will be displayed in your content calendar in your Business Suite application.

This is the first time that Facebook has provided Story programming; In one of your other admin tools, Creator Studio, you can schedule video feeds and posts (IGTV) between the two apps, but Stories scheduling isn’t an option yet. social managers are frustrated. Some third-party tools provide a solution for this, but native scheduling can be a major upgrade to the process, allowing you to use a single calendar tool on Facebook and IG to better develop overall content strategies.

As you might have mentioned in this example, Facebook will now also allow Business Suite users to save their Facebook and Instagram posts as drafts, adding more planning flexibility to their Stories approach.

In view of the increasing use of the Stories format, more brands naturally expect to incorporate more native vertical formats for mobile devices in their promotion strategies. Therefore, Facebook provides more planning tools to better maximize the brand. His method of history.

Although this is also the focus of controversy. The spirit of Stories is that they are not that sophisticated, they can be updated in real-time, they are meant for all uses (even for brands) and they can be better aligned with existing methods, such as opposing to build brighter, More promotions refined.

But flexibility is the key: As the Stories format develops, improved digital authoring tools will make them look more professional.

Therefore, the distribution of the story now seems more logical. There is no doubt that this will be more beneficial to marketers. Additionally, Facebook hopes to add new business discovery items through relevant page recommendations at the bottom of News Feed posts.

As you can see here, when users spend time reviewing (or hovering over) certain updates in the feed, the new process will highlight the relevant content on the Facebook page below the post. In this way, people can browse a new dedicated image list of images on these pages that might be of similar interest to them.

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