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Spotify is Giving Away It’s Apparently Useless ‘Car Thing’ For Free

As one of the world’s leading audio platforms, Spotify has launched a new device specifically for road users. It is conveniently called Car Thing, and it is actually a separate Spotify player dedicated to the platform, you can install it and then put it in the car. It can be considered as a kind of automotive technology dedicated to music playback. Wait, that already exists, right?

Now, before you lift a gallows to protest that this device is not needed on Earth (hey, your phone has the Spotify app, right?), Keep in mind that the company is giving away the device for free (no cost of Shipping).

Car Thing really needs a smartphone with data connectivity. To use it, you need to plug it in (plug it in) and connect your phone to Car Thing via Bluetooth. Then your smartphone needs to connect to the host via Bluetooth or an auxiliary connection. easy? Not really.

But one of the few benefits of Car Thing is that you can leave it in the car while traveling. It’s also dedicated to your Spotify Premium account, so you know your listening habits and correct usage. It also has four preset buttons that can be configured, as well as a voice command feature.

Again, do we really need a separate music device these days? But seriously, some people would say that Car Thing is suitable for those who have old cars but don’t have Apple Carplay or Android Auto, or even those who don’t have or don’t have a Bluetooth connection. Having car supplies can reduce the chance that you will only use your phone to play games on your phone in order to find a suitable playlist, which can reduce accidents related to distracted driving.

Currently, the debate about the importance of the car is not conclusive yet, because Spotify is giving it away to power users in the United States. It is also issued in limited quantities and is available by invitation only, which means it may still be in beta. If brought mainstream, the device will cost $ 79.99. If it is. good luck.

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