RTVE Joins Digital Pact For The Protection Of People

The Spanish Agency for Data Protection has promoted this initiative to which 40 business organizations, foundations, media associations and audiovisual groups have joined.

Promotes a great agreement for citizen coexistence in the digital field, making data protection compatible with innovation, ethics and business competitiveness.

RTVE has joined the Digital Pact for the Protection of People launched by the Spanish Agency for Data Protection. This initiative promotes a great agreement for coexistence in the digital sphere.

Its objective is to promote the commitment to privacy in the business models of companies and organizations, making the right to data protection compatible with innovation, ethics and business competitiveness, as well as raising awareness among citizens, and especially minors. , of the consequences of spreading sensitive content on the Internet.

The development of the project has had the collaboration of the main business organizations, foundations, media associations and audiovisual groups, which have ratified it by joining the Pact, including RTVE.

Through this adhesion, the entities undertake to implement its principles and recommendations, as well as to disseminate the Priority Channel to request the urgent elimination of sexual and violent content disseminated without consent on the internet, and other resources to help raise awareness of privacy and the importance of the processing of personal data.

The Compact promotes privacy as an asset for organizations. Its principles also include promoting transparency so that citizens know what data is being collected and what it is used for, promoting gender equality and the protection of children and people in vulnerable situations, or promoting innovation by ensuring that new technologies avoid perpetuating biases or increasing existing inequalities.

It is made up of three documents: the letter of adhesion , the commitment to responsibility in the digital sphere and the Decalogue of good privacy practices for the media and organizations with their own dissemination channels. It will be presented on January 28th on the occasion of International Data Protection Day and is open to all organizations that want to assume the commitments reflected in the letter of adhesion.

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