Greatest Poets in Spanish Teacher of a Wonderful Generation

“A well deserved award. He is one of the three greatest poets in Spanish, a teacher of a wonderful generation, equal to any of the generations of ’98 and ’27; a very complete poet for those of us who are fans and devotees of him, a poet of Mediterranean nature, a singer of physical pleasure, of moments of intensity of life, and also a reflective, metaphysical poet, with a very important meditative streak about the passage of time ”.

“The important thing is poetry, whatever it may be,” Brines said at a ceremony in Valencia on December 19. His main references include Luis Cernuda and Juan Ramón Jiménez.

At the same meeting, the Valencian author defined poetry as a “wonderful gift” and assured that he currently sees “good, very good, current poetry and also interesting poetry”, but considers that “the need for write poetry, excellent or mediocre ”to transform life into words. “Loving and being loved is the most we can wish for and, if you have lived it, give thanks to God,” the winner also said on that occasion.

The Cervantes represents “the highest recognition of the creative work of Spanish and Hispanic American writers whose work has contributed to significantly enrich the literary heritage in the Spanish language,” states the website of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

It is delivered in an act, chaired by the Kings of Spain, in the Auditorium of the University of Alcalá de Henares, every April 23, World Book and Copyright Day, and also the date on which the death of Miguel de Cervantes.

Last year the award went to the poet Joan Margarit, the first author to receive recognition with a fully bilingual work in Catalan and Spanish, and also the first to see how the award ceremony was postponed due to the pandemic. In 2018, he took over the Cervantes the Uruguayan writer Ida Vitale.

The award has been granted since 1976, when Jorge Guillén, one of the greatest figures of the Generation of 27, was the first author to receive it. In 1979, the Spanish Gerardo Diego and the Argentine Jorge Luis Borges won ex aequo to date it is the only time that there have been two winners, hence this Monday is the 45th edition, but it assigns the 46th award.

The award ceremony this year to Brines breaks the traditional balance between both sides of the ocean there are now 24 Spanish winners and 22 from Latin America, Any writer whose literary work is written, totally or in its essential part, in this language can be proposed.

Candidates can be presented by the Academies of the Spanish Language; the authors awarded in previous calls; the institutions that, by their nature, purposes or content, are linked to literature in the Spanish language, and the members of the jury ”, clarifies the Culture website.

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