Learn details of the Semiconductor Inspection System Market research: industry analysis by 2016-2026

Semiconductor industry has witnessed drastic changes over the years and these changes led to make complex semiconductor manufacturing assembly lines. Semiconductor inspection system operates in the semiconductor production lines in order to improve the quality of manufactured semiconductor device. The primary functions of semiconductor inspection system to provide application support provisioning, yield and process management provisioning, and inspection and evaluation system module provisioning.

There are various type of inspection required in the production line of semiconductor industry; in-line inspection, on-line defect analysis, and critical dimension-measurement in lithography. Moreover, wafer detection systems are also used to detect pattern defects and particles and analyzes possible causes for poor yield.

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There is a tectonic shift in semiconductor industry due to the exponential growth in internet of things (IoT) market. Without the semiconductor sensor technology, the existence of IoT cannot be imagined. Hence, the role of semiconductor inspection systems became more crucial in order to produce sensors of extreme quality.

Semiconductor Inspection System Market: Drivers and Challenges

Now-a-days, miniaturization is playing a vital part in the manufacturing of the semiconductor devices. Miniaturization is immensely contributing in reduction of material cost, on the flip side of this, it is also increasing the complexity in the assembly lines. This might take the productivity of a particular assembly line to south. It has led to the demand of semiconductor inspection system that integrates and controls high-performance inspection and evaluation tools.

In near future, Planarization process and multi-layer wiring will be more comely used in assembly lines of semiconductor industry. It can generate some serious inspection problems such as metal grain and color variations. The existing inspection systems aren’t capable to inspect and detect such kind of problems. It is the biggest challenges for vendors to provide inspection systems that are capable in eliminating these false defects in order to detect true defects.

Semiconductor Inspection System Market: Segmentation

Segmentation of semiconductor inspection system market on the basis of types:

  • Wafer Inspection System :

Wafer inspection systems assist semiconductor manufactures enhance integrated circuit (IC) chip gain. The IC industry deploys inspection system to detect defects that happen during the manufacturing process. The main function of these system to check whether the process is under control. If the system find any discrepancy during the manufacturing process, it indicate the root cause of the problem. Wafer inspection systems are holding maximum chunk of overall semiconductor inspection system market.

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  • Mask Inspection System:

In semiconductor industry, a mask or a photo mask is a series of electronic data that lay the foundation for photolithography steps of semiconductor fabrication. Mask inspection is nothing but task perform before actual fabrication of real mask. Since a mask acts as a light absorbing layer of semiconductor chip, the inspection of it is essential as the defected mask can entirely damage the semiconductor chip.

KLA-Tencor, Applied Materials, Herms Microvision, Lasertech, ASML Holding, FEI, Hitachi High-Technologies, and Nanometrics are some of the key vendors of semiconductor inspection system market.

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